Get Deeper Support & Accountability for Your Mind-Body Transformation
8 Weeks of Personalised Movement Mentoring
If you're reading this, you're not a normal person who accepts mediocrity. You're likely someone who's interested in the fulfilling experience life can be; when your body is firing on all cylinders and you're living as the best version of you. 

When it comes to improving ourselves, often we can be our own worst enemy. Doing it alone can be a hard task, especially because it's easy to stop when things get tough.

We've been there and we know that it's easier to overcome any mind-body challenge with the support of someone who's been there before. 
If you're looking to transform the way your body feels and moves, and become free of feeling physically restricted, there's no better way than personally working with our Movement Monk coaches.

This 8 week journey is not about filling your head with more information, it's about practice, application and transformation.

We'll be walking beside you every step of the way and be there to catch you if you fall.
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 Hi, Benny Fergusson here.

If you’re anything like I was …

You have a feeling in your gut that there’s more that your body can offer. There’s a deeper experience of life to be had, if your body would only do the things your mind imagines.

For years I was suffering from chronic scoliosis and daily back pain, and after rebuilding my body from the ground up, I’ve realised that it’s true, there is more that your body can do!
The human body is amazing, and sadly most people have forgotten what it can do, like:

1. Have the mobility and freedom of movement to bend in every direction with ease and fluidity

2. Self heal and regenerate from chronic injuries and pain (beyond what you may imagine is possible)

3. Have a strong flow of bio-electricity and life force, moving with vigor through your body (causing people to regularly ask why it feels so good being around you?)

4. Be free of past emotional traumas and living with inner peace and heightened intuition

5. Feel strong, stable and quick to adapt your movement in any situation (from sports, to playing in the world around you)
All of this (and so much more) is attainable, if you have a process and the support to cultivate it. And that’s what I’m inviting you to experience for yourself in these 8 Weeks of Completely Tailored Online Mind-Body Coaching Support.
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