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EXCLUSIVE FREE TRAINING WITH BENNY FERGUSSON: The 'X-Ray Vision Method for Freedom From Recurring Aches & Pains'
  • Why it's so important to get to the root cause, and not be distracted by pain symptoms
  • A secret that I discovered about mainstream healthcare that is keeping so many stuck in the 'pain cycle'
  • The Meditative Movement process that treats recurring aches & pains at the deepest level, by addressing the mind (psychology) and body at the same time
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Meet Benny Fergusson | Founder of Movement Monk
"The more peace we cultivate within our bodies and minds, the more we can share it, and contribute to a better world for future generations."

This is a core driver behind the unique style of Meditative Movement practices Benny shares with students all around the world.

Benny has become known for being able to unravel very tricky mind-body challenges, that most mainstream therapies can't address.

After healing a spinal injury that he was told could only be fixed through surgery, Benny realised there's more potential within our bodies and minds than what most people realise.

He has now supported over 1,000 students to feel more empowered and less overwhelmed by physical, mental and emotional challenges, so they can live more fulfilling lives. 
Inside this case study I'll reveal:
Why Mainstream Healthcare 'Quick Fixes' Rarely Lead to Long-Term Relief of Chronic Pain
Get pain relief insights that mainstream healthcare doesn't want you to know, because it might put them out of business.
How to Get Unstuck From The 'Pain Triangle'
Discover how we work with pain at each of these 3 levels for lasting relief, and why just physical or mental therapies aren't enough.
How to Develop a Type of 'X-Ray Vision' for Lasting Chronic Pain Relief
Once I could see the deeper conflicts that cause pain, it was much easier to get lasting relief. We'll show you how we go about developing this x-ray like vision in the case study.
Watch This Free Case Study Now!
Get the exact process I used to rewire my brain and body, overcome a debilitating spinal injury, and help hundreds of people get lasting relief of their recurring physical, mental & emotional pain.
...without painkillers, surgery, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage, or expensive therapies.
Here's what some of my students have said, in their own words...
Christiaan Ramsey | Mover
christiaan overcame chronic tension & inflammation
"In 2014 I was in the worst physical pain of my life. The combination of past injuries (e.g. shoulder reconstruction), unprocessed emotions, and going about physical exercise all wrong, had created chronic tension to build up in my lower right abdomen, and inflammation across the entire right side of my body. This lasted almost 2 years.

It wasn't until I started learning from Benny that things actually improved. Today, I do not suffer from the chronic pain in my abdomen, or inflammation, and I have developed new levels of physical, mental and emotional freedom I had previously only imagined. I'm truly grateful for the work Benny does and how it has empowered me and so many people to take better care of our bodies and minds for the rest of our lives."

Mia Munro | Speaker
" I have started working with a dear friend Benny Fergusson on ultimate health, flow & alignment and I feel like I have turned a corner already! Releasing stress, congestion & inflammation. I am on an exciting journey with him I'll share more soon.

Thank you Benny! I am in loving hands as I prepare to launch myself forward into my life's work in a very expansive way! "
Steven Rebesco | Father
"You've taught me how powerful we are ... that our health isn't someone else's responsibility and how to communicate with our body on every level ... it's so much fun ... much honour back to you!

Want to move like water ... this guy saved me from the knife. Thanks Benny Fergusson ... You know it!"

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