Embodied Flexibility
A transformative stretching and strengthening process 
for your whole body, so you can 
move more freely in the activities you love.
Discover an Approach to Flexibility Training 
that Goes Beyond Stretch, Hold & Hope
Your body is more capable than you may realise. It's designed to be strong, mobile and resilient. If you're not feeling like this, know that you can experience 
a more youthful body that embodies free flowing movement.
Your body isn't broken and you're not meant to feel tight all the time. What's broken is the mainstream approach to flexibility training.

Have you ever done any of these things to get more flexible?

1. Stretch muscles that are feeling tight
2. Use foam rollers, or special equipment to relax tight muscles
3. Stretch, do Yoga, and stretch some more

And after heaps of trying, you still feel tight and your flexibility remains basically the same? 

This may have led you to believe, “maybe my body just can’t be flexible.”

There's nothing wrong with your body. You just need a more effective approach to build a free and flexible body, that doesn't leave your progress to chance ...
Unlock Your Naturally Strong, Flexible Body 
Stretching is only half the picture if you want a strong & flexible body. You need an approach that improves mobility & stability.
Perform Better for Any Activity
Discover a movement focused approach that leads to better movement quality and performance for a wide range of activities, from sports to hobbies, to having more fun and play.
Reduce Risk of Future Injuries
If you've got tightness or weakness anywhere in your body, sooner or later it can build up and lead to an injury. Bring balance back to the way you move.
Embodied Flexibility is a complete movement and mobility education program. 
It gives you a process to more deeply connect with your body 
and improve your mobility & strength, so you can feel 
more at ease and free when you move.
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Benny’s approach is driven by the science and art of movement + goes one step further, by incorporating the breath and spirit.

The moves in the Embodied Flexibility Program improved my core strength and posture, and gave me the Physical Freedom that helped me finish my first marathon. Running is my play.
Dr Ranjit Rao | Consultant Eurologist
It’s not your fault that stretching and flexibility training hasn’t worked for you in the past.

The challenge is, most stretching approaches were developed by people who have never been inflexible, so they rarely work for tight people.

As formerly tight people who have become flexible people … Our intent is to rectify this challenge and give you the essentials to transform your flexibility.

See how one of our students transformed his flexibility in just 30 days.
I have to thank you for what your Embodied Flexibility program has done for me. This time last year my back was a debilitated mess! I was in constant pain and had no confidence in most loaded movements… i’m extremely happy to report that I completed my first ever 200Kg deadlift this week! 

Felt so solid and confident that my back could maintain form throughout the movement. I’ve never felt so solid and connected through my hips and down to the ground.

Jared | Personal Trainer | Australia
Watch the video to see how Jared discovered how to 
unlock new levels of strength & flexibility.
How Jared Transformed His
Flexibility in Only 30 Days
These results are from practicing the Embodied Flexibility process for an average of 15-20 mins each session x 3-5 days per week. And it’s only the beginning of Jared's journey …
The Embodied Flexibility practice is focused on the essential basics that lead to a mobile body.

Improving basic movement foundations like your squat support you in the movements you use most in daily life; from walking down the street to bending down and picking objects up off the ground.

The practice is not just about developing maximal range of motion and forcing your body to contort into ranges with limited use. 

When you improve your basic mobility foundations it will prepare your body for more advanced movements like splits and backbends, with much less chance of hurting yourself.
Identify and release your flexibility weak links.

You may have tightness around key areas like your legs, or your back. And this might prevent you from being able to get into certain positions to even begin to stretch.

As you begin the Embodied Flexibility practice you'll use our 4 move flexibility assessment to quickly develop clarity on where you need to focus to get better progress in your flexibility practice.

We the share with you targeted movements that work to re-balance your flexibility, strength and body awareness. You'll begin feeling your body can move more fluidly and gracefully.
A convenient practice you can do anywhere, any time.

You don't need a Yoga mat, gym membership or any cumbersome equipment to improve your flexibility with the approach we share in this course. 

You only need your body, the right mindset and an understanding of the flexibility transforming process we share. 

This gives you the freedom to practice whenever you have a spare moment, at home, in the office or waiting for the train. 
A Proven Flexibility Method Developed by 
a Formerly Chronically Tight Person
Hi, Benny Fergusson here. I developed the Embodied Flexibility approach because I was suffering from chronic tightness around my hips, ankles and spine. 
And I couldn't get relief from mainstream flexibility training.
I tried every stretch and method I could and still nothing much changed. I realized that most flexibility approaches are ineffective for most tight people as they have been developed by people who were never actually tight.

Most of the fitness guru's want you to believe that there's some magical stretch, or massage device that will solve all your tightness, but it's a load of b.s! 

After years of trial and error I discovered one of the most important keys to making dramatic improvements in your mobility, is deepening feeling and awareness of what’s happening deep inside your body, and mind, as you stretch.

I've refined this flexibility transforming process through testing it with hundreds of people. That's what brought the Embodied Flexibility online program to life, so I can share the benefits with you.

Using the exact process in the Embodied Flexibility course … my mobility, martial arts, rock climbing and general movement quality have transformed and I've seen these results repeated time and time again by our students.

It’s hard to believe that before this I couldn’t even touch my toes.
Why Embodied Flexibility Works Better 
Than Mainstream Fitness Approaches
As your mind and body are inseparable and affect each other, we don't just focus purely on the physical aspects of flexibility training. This is where most mainstream approaches fall short. Instead we take a more embodied approach that blends movement and mindfulness.
Release Deeper Tissue 
of Your Body
Just stretching muscles you feel are tight isn't actually what you need to get more flexible. You need to learn how to revitalise and release deeper tissue like your tendons, and your fascia system. We'll teach you how in Embodied Flexibility.  
Tried, Tested & Proven 
Mobility Methods
The Embodied Flexibility method was inspired by ancient Shaolin Flexibility training. We call it Rhythmic Strength Stretching (RSS) and it gradually strengthens and releases tight areas of your body, so you can move in new ranges with confidence.
Our Flexibility Foundations -> Flow -> Creativity Process
In EF you'll build your flexibility foundations with full body movements. You'll then develop better flow between each of these movements. This prepares you to explore unconventional movements and build your own creative flexibility practice that opens up your body in ways that traditional stretches can't.
Just holding your body in a stretch and hoping to get more flexible is a waste of time. 
To get more flexible you need more than just a series of stretches. 

After years of experience transforming people from tight to feeling physically free, we developed a complete movement and mobility education program. 

As you go through this process you'll discover how to more deeply connect with your body and give it what it needs to progressively move better.
Get a Conveniently Presented and Potent 
Movement & Mobility Education Program
Inside the Embodied Flexibility course you'll get clearly organised videos and written explanations to make transforming your flexibility simple and smooth.
You can access your course on all devices including mobile, desktop and tablet.
3+ hours of video guiding you step-by-step on your journey to transform your flexibility.
Action focused guides and worksheets to keep you on track and improve your flexibility progress.
Discussion areas to get your questions answered and connect with like-minded people.
You'll get drip fed your practice one step at a time, and you won't need to waste your time figuring out how to use a complex system. You'll be able to interact with the Movement Monk team and other course participants in our easy to use discussion areas. We give you everything you need to make your Embodied Flexibility journey as easy as possible.
Join a community of people committed to 
better self care and feeling free to move as they choose:
Working with Benny and practicing the Embodied Flexibility practice has enabled me to be able to enjoy my Tai Chi more – better movement = better chi 🙂 My swimming has also improved considerably, as has my walking. More play every day is my new motto, even in my 60’s.
Sandie Callander | Australia
I don’t know where to start. First of all, thank you very very much! Since starting the program a lot of things changed in my life.

I don’t feel so stiff anymore (especially after waking up). My energy level is much higher, I’m more mobile, focused, and so much more little things happened in this short period of time, that’s so awesome!!!

Florian Randacher | Electrician | Austria
Embodied Flexibility costs less than a couple of physical therapy sessions. It’s also proven and guaranteed to deliver the deeper ranges of motion you need most during daily life.
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Give Embodied Flexibility an honest go. Practice consistently for the first 5 weeks and ask questions if you need support or get stuck. The fact is, if you practice this process, you will get results.

However, if for some reason you're not moving and feeling noticeably better, we don't want your money.

Simply send us an email and we’ll issue you a full refund. You can see all the details here.
I went from being a bendy yogi to an injured yogi incapable of doing the simplest of movements, like rolling over, without being in pain, bracing everything and cheating like there was no tomorrow.

It may have taken me a while, but I found an approach that increases strength & flexibility simultaneously. Anyone who knows me knows how insanely selective I am when recommending any practitioner or program. This one works folks — like a charm. You won’t be disappointed.
Amanda Patti | USA
Benny Fergusson you’ve created something special! The Embodied Flexibility Program is not only for the human body but also for the mind and spirit.

Working WITH all the integral elements in a simple daily practice, it’s empowered me to achieve new freedom in my body … beyond what I previously imagined as possible.
Ella Hall | Business Consultant | Australia
I am loving the Embodied Flexibility Program! Over the years I have tried many different methods to improve my flexibility but nothing has worked as quickly or effectively as your methods.

However I feel the real benefits to this program are more than just the physical changes. I am finding I have more energy, focus and mindfulness in my day to day life. I would and have definitely recommend this program to others. Many Thanks.
Andy Trudgian | Personal Trainer | Australia
Benny! I feel the throes of change within me!!! But seriously since practicing your teachings, I can feel the hemispheres of my body and mind coming into a connected balance. Right and left sides. Hands and feet. Body and mind. It’s all coming together. Thank you!
Alex Powerlett | Martial Artist & Acupuncturist | Australia

Frequently Asked Questions
Free Updates
We continue to listen to feedback, grow and evolve in our teaching process. You'll benefit from this with free updates anytime we improve your course.
Learn at Your Own Pace
You have lifetime access to your online course platform, so you can access it anywhere, anytime. If life gets busy you can pick up where you left off.
Support When You Need It
Anytime you get stuck, or you have a question you can send us a message via email or inside your course discussion area. You'll get insights from mentors who are experienced with the challenges you're facing.
How long do I have access to this course?
Forever, my friend! Enrol in Embodied Flexibility once and you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials, which will continuously be updated with new information, videos, and practices.
How long do I need to practice for?
If you're just starting out, you might begin with 10-20 mins, 1-2 times per day. As you progress, you can build up to a 30 min session, 1-2 times per day. It’s really up to you. We recommend you start small and build up from there. Find the time you can consistently commit to.
How long will it take to notice results?
Most people who practice the Embodied Flexibility approach discover new things about their body very quickly. After your first 2-3 weeks, you’ll notice tangible improvements, and if you practice consistently in the 60 day challenge, you’ll notice even bigger shifts on the inside and outside of your body.
Could I just find this information for free online?
You can find just about anything online these days, but does that mean it’s actually valuable? No sir! Information is just the beginning of what you get in the EF course. The value is in the way it’s organised and the step by step process. One of the reasons we created this course is because there is so much incorrect and outdated information online about how to get flexible.
What if I’m super stiff?
You may have some way to go, and progress will take some time – we can’t change that. However, putting consistent effort into the program will be much more effective than doing nothing, or following a mainstream approach.
Does the program cater for hyper-mobile bodies?
Yes, your journey is all about improving control and stability. To help you do this, we'll focus on each of the moves are broken down into bite-sized pieces, so you can focus on working within your current abilities, and improve step-by-step
Will I learn to do the splits?
This is not the primary focus of Embodied Flexibility. However, with the Shaolin inspired stances and stretches, you’ll build a foundation that will allow you to safely prepare for more advanced movements like the splits, which we’ll cover in our more advanced program – Martial Mobility.
One Practice, Many Mind+Body Transformations
In the next 30 days you can be on a new trajectory towards feeling a deeper connection, and more space and ease when you move.

Consider the alternative ... how will your body feel in the next 30 days if you don't do something different?

The practice works, if you work it. Here's just a few of the stories from Embodied Flexibility students.
Accelerate Your Journey to Move with Ease and Joy
Combine our programs to deepen your results.
  • Better Movement: Free yourself of aches and pains and feel more fluid when you move.
  • More Physical Confidence: Improve your mind-body connection to feel more empowered in your body & life.
  •  Greater Resilience: Develop a balance of strength and mobility so you can perform more activities with less risk of hurting yourself.
Physical Freedom Accelerator
Reg. $270
Reg. $1,306
  • Embodied Flexibility
  • + Tension Releasing Body
  • + 8 Weeks of Completely Tailored Online Coaching Support
  • * By application only. 
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Get more flexible in the next 30 days with 
a proven mobility & movement education process.
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